I had the opportunity to have some Dime Time with business woman, entrepreneur and reality star Monique Greenwood at the Atlanta Press Luncheon this past Tuesday!

We talked her flourishing business, Akwaaba Inns which are in several locations on the east coast entertaining guests from all around the world.  Even some of your favorite celebrities such as Taraji P. Henson, Anthony Anderson, Peobro Byrson and more!  The word “Akwaaba” means “Welcome” and thats exactly how I felt when watching the exclusive first episode of the new docu-series “Checked Inn” about her “Akwaaba Inn” estates that premieres next Tuesday November 21st on OWN TV!

With a booming family business, Mrs. Greenwood talked about the importance of Generational Business and ownership.  She also discussed the desire to pass the family business along to her daughter Glynn who is an aspiring writer.  Of course every reality show has other cast members as well as drama that we can all connect and relate too.  However, this docs-series gave me different vibes from just watching the first episode.  “Checked Inn” showed the value of believing in yourself and the rewards from going after your dream with hard work and dedication.  It also showed the bond and love of family and lifting one another up through hospitality.  The world and out TV’s can definitely use more of that!

If you’re an entrepreneur or wanting to pursue your dreams, this is a show to watch!  Check out my interview with the business mogul Monique Greenwood below!


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-DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”