Fly On a Dime HITS LOS ANGELES!  Tune in to the latest episode of “Dime Time TV” as I reveal the secret of the Stars in Hollywood!  Get their look for less! Follow me as I take you through my L.A. Shopping experience!

Everyone is Hollywood shops Fly on a Dime!  It’s a great way to stay fly and up on all the trends and fashions and not go broke while living the L.A. lifestyle.  As you know, Los Angeles living can be very expensive and so can keeping up with the latest threads.  Well, here’s the secret on how folks in Hollywood keep the high end look for low…

By Thrift Store Shopping!  You can still get the Rodeo Drive look by shopping gently used clothing at thrift stores like one of my favorites, The Goodwill!

An important thing to remember when shopping Fly On a Dime at a Thrift Store is to take your time.  I usually pick a weekend day or a day when I’m off work to dedicate time to looking through items.  You don’t want to rush and miss out on finding that perfect Fly on a Dime piece!  If you don’t have the patience and time, then Thrift Store Shopping may not be for you.  I will be honest with you, it’s sooooo worth it!

Another Fly on a Dime tip is to match your Thrift Store finds with high end items that you may already own.  You’ll keep folks guessing while looking fly but on a Dime.  They key is to always keep it cute and save your coins ladies.  Press play to get a glimpse on my Fly on a Dime shopping spree day in LA!



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-DJ Dimepiece “The Mixin’ Vixen”